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Victims of the System

1. What is Victims of the System?
Victims of the System is an online comic strip that supposedly appears Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

2. Why is the first strip #0?
The first strip in the archives is a "Special Prequel" that I put up while still getting the comic ready. It stands alone as a strip fairly well, so I decided to number it zero so it would go before one. (Duh)

3. Who are the characters based on?
About half of the characters in VotS are based on real people (namely, Jeff, Ricardo, Allen, Josh, Kathryn, Lauren and Jim the Elf). Everyone else is fictional.

4. Are these people like this in real life?
Pretty much.

5. What do you use to make your comic?
I start out with a 1.1 mm black Paper-Mate Flair felt tip pen and just a normal white sheet of 8.5x11 paper. There I draw the basis for each panel, roughly in the right spot. Then, I use a CanoScan FB 630U scanner to scan the drawing at 300 dpi Black and White. That's imported into Adobe Photoshop 7.0, where I also open up the comic template. I drag the drawings over to the template, size them down a good deal, crop out white space, fill in the colors, shade using the Burn tool, write in the dialogue, create word bubbles with the ballpoint pen tool, and finally put gradients for the backgrounds. Last, but not least, I put the strip's number in the bottom.

6. How long does all this take?
Usually anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. The hardest part is just coming up with the idea.

7. How far in advance do you create each strip?
For a Wednesday strip, I will complete it right around 11 pm Tuesday night. Check by 11:15 and it should be up on the site.

8. You often have guest strips. Why?
I hate putting up guest strips - not because I don't like them, but because I'm ashamed I wasn't able to make my deadline.

9. Can I make a guest comic that will appear on the front page?
Most likely if you send me an actual strip (not just a drawing), it'll be up at one point or another. If it isn't in strip form, I'll stick it on the Gift Art page, though. (BUT PLEASE SEND ANYTHING!)

10. I linked you, you have to link me back, right?
Hell no! There's a damn good chance I will link you back if you were nice enough to do it in the first place, but don't expect me to just because of that.

11. Will you link me? Please?
Send me your link, and I'll check it out. You may even get the "Link of the Moment".

12. How popular is VotS? How many hits do you get?
Well, since I left Keenspace, I haven't been checking my stats. But while I was on the 'space, their logs showed that I reached 1960 hits a day at my peak.

13. Why did you leave Keenspace?
I love Keenspace, they're a great service for start up webcartoonists. Unfortunately, in recent months the service has slowed, and I also grew tired of the banner ads. Thanks to the LRdM.networks, I'm now ad-free, and that's the way to be.

14. Are you available?
Depends how you mean it. For website work? Absolutely. For commissions? Absolutely. For romance? Sorry, but I'm taken.

15. Is Josh available?
My opinion of you as a human being has just dwindled.

16. When will the women that jump on Ricardo be decent?
As soon as I learn how to draw.

17. What font do you use for your comic?
It's a font called 'Akbar' which is based off of Matt Groening's handwriting in his old 'Life is Hell' comics. Someday I'll waste a day and make a font out of my own handwriting.

18. What do the words on the shirts of you, Ricardo and Allen mean?
Um... there aren't any words on my shirt... but Ricardo's is "L33T" as in incredibly skilled technologically, and Allen's is "AZN" as in Asian, representing his heritage. (plug: L33T shirts are available in the VotS Store!)

19. Can you make my website?
Sure. Check out votsdesign for more info.

20. Exactly how many comics DO you have?
If you mean how many comics am I running at once, mainly VotS, and I occasionally update Tina and my Sketchbook over on Studio Cracka. I also have old school series such as "Rob the Robin," "The Adventures of Josh," and "Slug Days" but those have yet to be unearthed on the site.

21. What inspired you to start drawing comics?
I've read comics all my life, and Bill Watterson's "Calvin and Hobbes" and Garry Trudeau's "Doonesbury" have probably inspired me the most. Honorable mention for Gary Larson's "The Far Side."

22. Where did you get the name "Victims of the System"?
... You try to think of a better name for a comic!!!

23. Is Mr. Greco open to interviews?
Uh, sure.

24. How does Mr. Greco feel about robot overlords?
I think they get a bad rap.

25. Is Gabe (strip #200) a girl?
No. He just has rather girley hair.

26. Why is your forum so damn retarded?
I'm sorry, I can't control these guys. I try to keep "Comics Discussion" fairly civilized.

Ta da!

This FAQ is a work in progress. To add a question, please visit this thread on the forums.

Victims of the System is © 2001-2002 Jeff Greco, and is a production of Studio Cracka. To contact Jeff, e-mail him at Victims of the System is hosted on the LRdM.networks.